Nutrisystem when away from home

First let me say I am sorry about my late reviews. I have spoken to the wonderful people at Nutrisystem and they have been very understanding.  For those of you that have not heard I became very ill at the start of June . For more about my illness please  click this link here.

Start weight 216
last weeks weight 198
Current weight 195

In this review I wanted to talk about how Nutrisystem makes it so super easy to stay on your diet even when your away from home! You can enjoy your diet and enjoy eating good food even if you are on vacation or in the hospital as I was.

If you have a IPhone, Android phone or a blackberry you can download a meal planner and other great helpful apps from Itunes or the Market for your phone. I use this on my iPad and it is wonderful! It helps me keep track of not only what I have ate, how much water I have drank and what I can and can not eat for the day. Search Nutrisystem in your market or Itunes for the application.

One of the great things that come with your first Nutrisystem order is a Meal planner . It is small and fits in any purse or backpack or even a diaper bag! In the meal planner it has a daily tracker of what you have ate for all meals and snacks and your total water intake.

When most people think of diets such as Nutrisystem they think they can only follow the diet if they are at home. This is not true with Nutrisystem not only can you take you planner with you which will help you make smart and healthy meal choices if you are eating out , You can also take your meals with you. Because most meals are small and compact you can carry these in your carry on bag if you are flying. All you need is a microwave for most meals. I found this useful when we traveled to Playa Del Carmen and stayed in a Condo. I knew we would be making most of our meals so I was able to carry my breakfast and lunch bars with me and eat a sensible dinner out. 

This was the first vacation I lost weight and did not gain weight on. I did not give up eating good meals out I just made sure I was making the correct choices for what I ate.

Inside the meal planner there is a dinning out Guide that helps you make better choices when ordering off a menu for instance if I was eating Mexican food I could order
Black beans instead of refried beans. It is better to have a corn tortilla then to have a flour tortilla.

Another example would be if I was eating Italian food .  It is alright to eat pasta with tomato base sauces , but you should stay away from creamy sauces. See you are able to enjoy dinner , get full and not feel left out while your family is ordering off the rest of the menu. I think this comes in handy not only for your diet but also for your self esteem and healthy living in general. In the long run your not only on a diet your learning and teaching not only yourself but your family a better way of eating and living.

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I am not a doctor, nor should I be confused as one.
consult your physician before starting any exercise or diet routine I did receive product and service from Nutrisyem for my review however you will always get a honest review from me