PR Info

6Dailyblessings accepts offers for

■Paid Posts
■Advertisements (Sizes are 150×150, 300×100, 468×60)
■Twitter Parties

Items we accept:
■ Any and all Items for a Large family.
■ Toys , Educational items for Blind, Autistic, cerebral palsy child and other special needs items that will benefit a special needs children.
■ Items for Diabetes mellitus, Including but not limited to low Carb food, diabetic clothing, diabetic foot wear, diabetic cook books. insulin pump and pump supplies( I will supply a Dr prescription from my Dr.)
■ Children items (Toys, Clothing etc) for 11 year old twins girls.
■Children items (Toys, Clothing etc) for 11 year old boy.
■Children items ( Toys, Clothing etc) For a 12 year old girl.
■Teenage items ( Art supplies, Clothing etc) For a 14 year old girl.
■Teenage items (Clothing, Games Etc) for a 17 year old boy.
■Bed and bath items.
■Police Officer Specialty Items for my husband.
■Home Electronics
■Personal Hygiene Items
■Kitchen, Laundry, Bathing, and Dining Items
■Pet Items (Specifically for small Dogs)
■Vehicle Electronics, Accessories, Services
■Games, Accessories and Equipment for XBOX 360 & Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi, PSP and Nintendo Wii
■Educational Products
■Clothing (Adult and Children)
■Coupons (Must be for a free item), Gift Cards
■Cleaning Products
■Furniture, Large Appliances
■Health & Beauty
■Vacations, Travel Destinations for a family of 8.
If any item is not listed here, feel free to pitch me anyways.
Etsy Moms are welcomed here!
What we do NOT accept:

■Adult Items (exception to massage or body oils/lotions)
■Political and Religious Items
■Loaner Items are not accepted
■Sample Size Items
All prizes must be shipped by you. We DO NOT ship prizes.
We do not accept % or $ off coupons as prizes. Coupons or Discounts must for for a free item.

I will not post Press Releases without payment or product.
All of our postings will have a full disclosure as per FTC guidelines.

Please contact ( ) for more information.