We came a long way baby!

The 29th of this month was my husband’s and I 15th year wedding anniversary. We decided to retrack our steps from where it all started 16 years ago. We  drove past our old houses and hospials our children was born at and ended with late movie.

I took a few photos of the area’s we used to live. Skip is helping me with today’s blog . Say HI to Skip everyone!

This is where I met Skip ! Yes Yes on a street corner. In his own words this is what Skip says ” This is where Trina picked me up on the Corner”. Now I say to him. That’s not exactly true. My friend had stopped the car to get your friends phone number and you begged like a lost puppy for my number! Aint that right honey?  wink wink!

Skip was working at Cici Pizza when we met. He had just got out of the Marines and was trying to get on his feet.

This is the apartment he lived in and I lived in with him after we had been dating.

What can I say about our time in these *scary* cough apartments? I was 17 at the time and to me a place to live was what was important. I didn’t much care about what the place looked like or how safe the place was. Here is Skip and his take on the apartments. “What the hell was I thinking?” Ohh short and to the point honey. I like that!

We didn’t live in these apartments long before we moved to Lawton and lived with his mom and step dad. We lived in Lawton a little while until we came back to the city and got married. We moved into our next apartments where we thought we had hit the mother load! They was much nicer then what we had lived in before and Skip had a job as a Matiance man! Score! We didn’t have a car when we got married but we would soon get our first car. It was all I had ever dreamed of! A 1977 Celica! The car was older then I was and we had to crawl into the car via the Window as the doors would not open . SCORE!  I mean what a Great car! IT was Rusted in all the right places, Doors did not open and our breaks fell off AS WE WAS DRIVING IT  LOL! A dream come true!

Our First apartment as a married couple

Skip says ” The best part of the apartments was you could sit on the Balcony and could watch the move in Movies for free!” I say. ” Hey as long as you are there honey to protect me from the Drunk lady down stairs that broke into our apartment in a Drunk rage then I am good!”

We lived in the apartments for awhile until Skip got into Security work and we moved to our first house! It was everything I had wanted. It had four walls…….. NO really it did…… It didn’t have Gas, or air, or a fridge or even a stove but hey it had four walls and a crock pot we could cook dinner in!

Here is the house today .
                                      This is the Drive way
Here is our yard!

Aint that house beautiful?? Oh wait…… Did I forget to mention the home was condemed by the state and we had to move? The house is no longer standing as you can see.

Skip says ” I kinda miss the animal whatever it was that ran around the front room at night and the ease of only having only one crockpot to clean!”

I say ” I miss sleeping on a baby bed mattress for our bed! We sure did cuddle close back then!”

After the home was condemed we had to find a place to move and move fast. We ended up at these Apartments. As you can see they are a dream come true. Even with the windows boarded up!  It kinda looks like a Ghost town these days….

Skip says ” It was quite a upgrade from where we had lived. And it was a little better condition when we actully lived there. “
I say.. Hey ….. we had heat, air, a stove and a fridge ahhh but still had the baby bed ! Atleast Andrianna had a real bed and all that she needed!”. “what was we thinking!”

We lived here for a good year and half and moved to a better part of town. We was moving up baby!
Here is the apartments we lived in next.

I told you we was moving on up! I don’t have anything bad to say about these apartments. I actully loved them. There was a small pond on property and we loved going fishing there. We lived here for a couple years before they was sold to another company and rent doubled.
Skip says ” This is where we found out we would be having a boy! It is also one of the first apartments I ever lived in after moving out of my parents home”. ” This is also where we lived when I decided to become a police Officer”

Next we lived in a duplex that is not pictured. We did not live here but a couple months while waiting to find a house.

Here is where we moved next. Our first real house. We lived here for almost 6 years and moved only because the landlord was having legal issues regarding the home ( her aunt that owned it passed away) .

Skip says ” A lot of memories in this home but I still knew I wanted better for my family”.  
I say ” Hey we painted that house them colors! Boy it’s been years and it’s still our paint job!”

We knew once we had to move that we wanted to make sure our children had the best schools that are state offered. We had saved up some money and we moved to a house not pictured for a year while we saved up more money to live where we live now.

I love our home and I love the area that we live but we are a large family now and we do need to get a bigger home. But when I look at where we live now and that I am married to a Cop and I have brand new 2011 Honda Pilot( no more rust for me) I can’t help but think of where we have came from.We have worked really hard to get away from area’s that are not safe and to get our family in a area that we could be proud of. I am proud of where I live and things that we have been able to accomplish over the last 16 years.

Here is our cars today( which we recently got yay) and where we live I will truly be sad when we move we have lived here for years A lot of  Good things have happened in this home including our adoption of our children.

My SUV in front of our home.
Mine and Skips car and our home

My final thoughts. Thank you Skip for all you do for not only me but for our children.  I love you and without you I wouldn’t be who I am today. You are my hero and my soul mate. I am so blessed to be your wife and to of spent the last 16 years ( 15 married) with you. I can’t wait to see what the next 100 ( hey we can hope) years will bring.  To anyone reading this remember sometimes you have to come from nothing and have a little Rust to get to where you need to be in life.

Never ever say never. I was once a foster child that no one had any hope for and look at me today! I got a wonderful husband six great kids and a great home. YOU CAN DO IT! I have faith in you!

Skips finals words. ” yes we have came a long way baby from crawling into our car to being able to use a key ring to lock our new ones. From living in less then nice neighborhoods * to say the least* to living where the American dreams come true. I could not of done it without you and you standing beside me and sometimes standing behind me to give me a push. I love you and as the years go by love you more and more. I am thankful we have a safe place to live and to raise our children.”